Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finally... A Post!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I haven't completed anything new either!! Isn't that terrible? I think I may have had my pride hurt by a comment. Yes... me and my overly sensitive self... Someone found out how much my birdhouse sold for (not from me) and said something like "I can't believe someone paid that much for it" because it was just decorated by me with paper, glue, paint, stain, trim, etc. I know this person didn't mean to make me feel bad, but I guess I must because I hear the comment echo in my head and it's been almost 5 days. lol. Oh well. Everyone likes different things...

Anyway, today I thought I'd practice my picture taking. My friend, David, who advised me to create and helped me get the domain name and everything, told me I needed to take better pictures. So I read up a bit on the Etsy forums and played with my camera a bit. But so far, I've only been able to take pictures on a plain white background. Um, it's actually two plain sheets of computer paper- one flat on the table and the other propped up against "things in progress". We don't have any extra lights in the house, either, so these pictures are just in natural light. I put them in photoshop to touch them up a little bit and here's how they came out:

Oh yes- this is my latest order from Popalicious! To tell the truth, I was missing one thing that I had ordered- some blue silk roses- but I definitely got spoiled with free items! For instance, I received a ton of that pink fringy paper trim- like 5 yards or more!- and the pink lace trim, and the white trim from the same picture, and over 100 pink carnival tickets, the rhinestone ornament, and two of those dotted ribbons. I bought one grab bag and in it was the silver brooch. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this piece! It is so pretty! I couldn't believe they included it in a $5 grab bag!!
I also figured out how to use Google Reader this weekend. Actually, before this past weekend, I didn't know it even existed. But Analise from Sugar*Sugar posted instructions on how to use it on her site and I thought it would be awesome to get live feeds from my fav Etsy shops and the blogs that aren't thru Google. I'd be going to my fav. blogs everyday instead of reading them through the Dashboard page since I couldn't add them on there. But with Google Reader, I have everything all in one place! And it shows who's updated right away, so I can follow my 70 blogs (so far) and tons of stores- lol!
Ok... hopefully I will have more pictures to post soon :) Almost time for bed, so nighty night!!


June said...

Hi Julie, firstly thanks for your lovely compliment on my piccies it made my day :)
I love these things and your blog so i will add to follow if there is a button.
These are beautiful, i need to explore more.
I find that using white card and placing the item on it then moving it slightly with hand beneath it and then tipping it slightly to get the right view, works for me in photo's but i am not an expert and i am usually not that careful lol.
Hugs June xxx
Hugs June xxx

June said...

Hi Julie, me again. The followers bit on your blog is not working. I was told today that if its at the top of the blog that google are having problems with them and they work better at the bottom
Hugs June x

Anonymous said...

Julie...why in the world would you let a comment like that get you down....the person who bought it for whatever price...must have seen the beauty in it and cost wasn't an issue...I find that a HUGE compliment. You get that chin up and get your pride back in did an amazing job on that piece of ART and I am positive everyone saw that. I would have been bidding on it as well...I LOVED that birdhouse.
Actually I love everything you have on your have talent girl..and don't you forget it.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie... Thank-you so much for your comment on my blog. It's been awhile but I hope to get back into creating and updating my blog.
On another note, I think these pictures are great. I'm not a photographer or anything but they look good to me..

maggiegracecreates said...

Hey girl - I can leave comments - I am so glad too.

About a comment hurting your feelings. Honey, that is what the delete button is for. I am so happy to have found you and I have you set up on my google reader so I am a follower but not through blogger.

You have a wonderful, beautiful space. You have a great eye and I am looking forward to future posts.