Monday, July 13, 2009

Premo Meme Award from Penny Duncan!

Wow! My very first blog award!! This award was given to me from Penny Duncan from Penny Duncan Creations! I was totally FLOORED when I saw this award she had left for me on her blog!

Thank you so much, Penny! If you haven't already, you should visit Penny's blog- she creates the most wonderful, elegant and useful SCAL files (such as boxes and little bags) as well as Beautiful artwork!

So... 7 facts about me...

1. I was adopted from Seoul, South Korea when I was 13 months old. I was seriously left on a doorstep in a blanket, just like in the movies!!

2. I have had a serious love for Dachshunds for as long as I can remember :)

3. My favorite number is 9.

4. I am currently subscribed to 155 different things in Google Reader, so I am almost never without new blog posts to read! Lol- I am always trying to sneak on at work to catch up with everyone's blogs... :)

5. I'm engaged :) We're thinking about wedding plans in the next year or two, but no definite plans yet... But for now, talks are focused around getting married in Hawaii (how funny you should mention Hawaii on your post, too, Penny!) and spending 2 weeks there on our honeymoon. :)

6. Before crafting, I used to spend most of my free time playing Second Life. I found out about Second Life while watching CSI NY one night, but didn't actually sign up for it until months later! I always found myself stunned by other's creativity "in-world". You should take a look if you have a good graphics card- don't worry, it's free! But there is also an economy in SL, so you can spend and make money just like you would in Real life... Especially if you are good with photoshop and/or programming.

7. I am OBSESSED with pink and aqua vintage! Or anything Pastel-ey vintage. I love, love, love those cute whimsical animals! Hopefully I will be able to produce beautiful work like these things very soon...

And now to pass on this award :)
1. Teresa Atkinson of Maggie Grace Creates- Beautiful crafts and a wicked sense of humor! A definite must-read!
2. Rita of Rita's Creations- One of THE Sweetest souls I have met online!
3. June of Arty Retreat- Wonderful art and generous woman!
4. Christina of Christina's Creations- Some of the cutest cards, some with an elegant vintage touch!
5. Analise of Sugar*Sugar- Her blog inspired me to delve further into crafting because her art came out so wonderful (the last picture in my collage is of her work)!


Gracie said...

That is the cutest Dachsund pic--is the dog yours, or did you get that pic off the web?

Thanks for sharing the info, and congrats on your engagement!

--Gracie from Imagine That

June said...

Wow !! You shocked me, here i didnt expect the award at all and what a kind thing to say. Thank you so much for that.
I love those pink houses they are darling !!
I will add the award to my page with pride.
Thanks so much
Hugs June xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie...just now getting back to blogging and saw the award you gave me...thank you so are so sweet. I just love everything you do on your blog..I love looking over and over.
Love you...Rita