Friday, July 10, 2009

Mail Anyone?

I just finished my mail holder project! I love how it turned out! (Very excited- can't you tell, hehe)

Wooden Distressed Crackle Paint Shimmery Velvet Wall Pocket Mail Holder

This was really fun to make. I love the shimmery paper- it's so elegant! And of course, I love the velvety ribbon :) I started out with the crackle paint- I knew I wanted it on the sides. Then I put the paper on the front, but it was a little bit difficult at the top because of the way the wood is cut. Then I cut out paper diamonds from the paper with the old letters on it and distressed the edges a bit more. I edged those with the velvet ribbon and did the accent pieces topped with a velvet bow. Stamped the sides and a coat of matte varnish to finish it off. I bet I could make this in 3 days now... It just takes longer the first time cuz you don't know what to do with everything!

Ok- so I know I've been promising sparkley things, but I have had such a hard time with the glitter!! It gets all over Everything!! Especially places I don't want it to be.... I've spent a couple hours picking all the glitters off one by one with my craft knife... What a painstaking job, but it really annoys me when there is a little fleck here and another one there and so forth. Funny- I would get them unstuck, but then I'd blow on them to make them go away, and they'd just fly onto a different piece where they shouldn't be! I need a bigger table! Or a bigger brain! :)

But anyway, I should be able to post pics of them tomorrow. I varnished over the glitter so it wouldn't rub off on everything it came in contact with, but I want to make sure it's completely dry before I put everything back together. Then they just need some finishing touches and voila! Pics for everyone :)

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Diann said...

Just wanted to say that you did a great job with your mail holder project, Julie! I love anything with a postal theme! Keep up the great work and projects! Diann