Friday, July 24, 2009

Not slow...But Slow

Ok- I really have been working on new things over here, but I'm becoming a perfectionist!! And I am waiting for supplies! I think today all my new Crafty Secrets stamps will be here along with my original Copic marker order!! Woohooooo! Fun for the weekend! Lol.

On the only Yahoo group I'm really active in, ARTHavenCreations_Friendships, I signed up for a few swaps. Not because I think my work is that great- but kind of for a selfish reason.... well, 2 selfish reasons, actually! 1 was it seemed like fun getting someone else's art work in the mail!! (Anything but bills, right?!?!) And 2 was for the challenge of teaching myself to try something new. It seems like I work much better with deadlines. Like, besides the things I put on Etsy, I usually start a piece close to a birthday or shower or some other kind of due date and then I'm focused on getting it done!! But it is harder for me to get a lot of things going for the store maybe because I don't have anyone specific in mind.

But anyway, I am getting off topic! Somehow I ended up in a Vintage ATC swap!! Lol! I think it was because I commented on someone's post about seeing Penny's ATC and signing up for the swap in hopes of getting it!! I commented that I had had thoughts about doing the same thing, but I didn't actually mean to sign up! However, fate had this in store for me, so I have been working on finishing that by the end of this month!

And I have gone through 2 different design ideas, and at least 5 ATCs. hahahhaha.

But it's not right yet, so I can't post pics!!

But yesterday, The Graphics Fairy blessed me with this gorgeous Marie Antoinette digital image sheet!!!!! Please click here if you are interested.

So last night, I almost made the perfect ATC! (Perfect for the theme of the swap, I mean!!)

Yeah....until I forgot to stamp the background before I laid the picture over it....

And before glitter somehow got ALL over the place.


So, I have to print out another sheet at work today (shhhhhh- I don't have a laser printer.... But work does!!) and fix these two things. I think it looks ok... but honestly, I would feel bad, almost guilty, if I sent out something I didn't think was my 100% best effort! Do you do that too?

Oh, and another wacky thing about me.... The more things sit around, like jewelry boxes or other things I've made, the more I want to add things to them!! Like, I will look at that light blue jewelry box I just made and think, hmm, maybe I should outline the flower jewel with glitter! Does this happen to you, too??

Ok, I am off to get ready for work! Hopefully I will have some updates later tonight!! :)

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