Monday, July 20, 2009


Yikes! I have really been slacking on my blog :( Sorry!!! I think tonight I'll share a funny story with you... :)

A weekend or two ago, I finally cleaned up the upstairs bedroom and bought a 6' (haha I almost typed 6") table... So now I have a new crafting space! Yeay!! But you know, we should always remember where we came from, so I won't be changing the title of this blog! Anyway, soon enough, I set to work on some jewelry boxes I was trying to make for my Etsy store. I loved the idea of feathers and flowers, so I bought a mini glue gun- one of those $3 ones from Michaels. When I bought it, my first thought was "I wonder how many times I'm going to burn myself on this thing..." and my second thought was "Wow, only $3... Wonder if it will even work!!" But I plugged it in and squeezed the trigger and soon enough it was pumping out the sticky stuff! It worked well with my feathers and then the flowers so I was pretty happy with my $3 purchase. :)

Until the next day. When I went back into the room and Matt found out I had forgotten to unplug the darn thing!! And a hot puddle of glue was sitting on my brand new table.

Needless to say, we went to the craft store that day and Matt did not let me leave without purchasing a glue gun mat.

Lol. And wouldn't you know- I did it again!!!

So now I have to develop an OCD about checking to make sure it's unplugged. (It's not on right now. I SWEAR!)

While looking through my HUGE Google Reader list, I found June's blog candy! She is offering a ton of different goodies such as round inkable pendants, metal letters and frames, rub ons, ribbon, stamps... the list goes on!! Visit her blog, pick up her link to post on your blog, and leave a comment to enter! Plus, you'll get to see all the wonderful Artwork she creates, which is candy in itself!!

And while I was there, I found MORE blog candy! Such a cute necklace! I looked in Val's store, but there isn't another with the same colors. However, there are many other super cute pieces, so check it out!

Lastly, after my glue gun story, I bet you want to know how those jewelry boxes came out... Lol :) Here they are!

Ah... Flickr mosaics :) I love em!


June said...

Hi Julie ann,
Just wanted to say thanks so much for joining in the blog candy draw. I was laughing so much at your glue gun story lol i have done similar things and usually end up melting plastic containers and things when i leave my encaustic tools plugged in lol.
LOVE your beautiful jewellery boxes
fab work
Hugs June x

Flippinpest said...

Thanks so much for linking to my blog candyand web site. I love your blog, it is very entertaining!
Best of luck in the draw :-)

maggiegracecreates said...

Julie Ann - thank you for coming by MaggieGrace so regularly. I share that unplugging (or not) bad habit and I have no idea where I found this hint.

Go get a switchable powerstrip (mine has 6 outlets) I plug a lamp into one and leave it there and turned on (I actually taped over the little inline cord switch on the lamp). Then when I plug my soldering iron or iron or gluegun into the power strip - the lamp reminds me to turn off the powerstrip - thus turning all of the items off.

I put this into action about a year ago and since leaving the light on bothers me, I haven't left the other items on at all. SO I have added this to the "works like a charm list"

Diann said...

Hi Julie Ann! I'm enjoying looking around your blog and thank you for visiting mine! I am glad you now have a room for your ART, but it will soon be overflowing, so you may as well call it your studio. I was sorry to hear that you left your heat iron on and it puddled on your table. Buy a 6x6 tile from Home Depot to sit it on. I had a nice visit and will be back!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh Julie...I can tell you are full of life...and I love it...keep those precious stories coming..I love it.
My favorite number is also 9...and I have a dachsund ..we have a lot in common..that is for sure.