Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swaps Complete!

Yeay!! I am finished with my August swaps for ArtHaven! After much thought, I finally came up with this idea for a row house.

Doesn't it look like a candy shack!! I told Diann (the one receiving my house) that she wouldn't want to move into this house because she'd be sure to gain 20lbs. lol :)

Pretty white lace accents the pink, glittery roof with gorgeous raspberry velvet ric rac. Pretty jelly beans show in the glittery windows separated by a yummy little cupcake. Lollipops greet you at the door, complete with a "candy button" doorknob!

I don't know why I do so many things with candy and treats! It just makes me hungry!!!

And last, but not least, is my finished tag!

I love the way this came out... Actually, I think it was the easiest to come together! But it sure did take the longest to figure out what I was going to do! I really had no idea how to start with this one... But then I found this ballerina girl image and everything else fit into place!

This is a digital image from a one by one sheet from LandofEnchantment. I messed around with it in Photoshop and then printed it out. The sweet little ballerina girl is all dressed up in a glittery pink outfit with pink pearls in her hair and a sparkley rhinestone earring. She's dancing to the music behind while light pink roses fall around her. Vintage cream lace and pretty rose trim edge the piece and it's finished off with pink and white baker's twine.

This week, I was also given an award from Penny and Rita!! It is so wonderful to be recognized by such outstanding artists, as well as genuinely beautiful ladies! Thank you so much!

The rules for this award are that I must list five things I love to do and then pass it along to five other people.

1. Sit and play in my crafting room!

2. Shop online

3. Eat the delicious food Mr. Pie makes me!

4. Spend time with my loved ones- online pals and animals included!

5. hmm... having a hard time coming up with something else... I guess I will say- singing

Ok. And now to pass on this award:

Maggie Grace Creates - Teresa I heart her!!

Polka Dot Barn - Jan Such a wonderful, lovable and talented woman!

Arty Retreat- June Be prepared for eye candy galore!

Art By Wanda- Wanda OMG- Wendy Vecchi better watch out! lol, I'm serious!

Thrifty Miss Priss- Robin Such a sweetie- you must check out the awesome project she did with a crib bumper!!

Time for beddy now :) I hope you've enjoyed your visit and thank you for coming! *Hugs*

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Hello! :) The last few days of this week, I had off, so I was busy making things for swaps!! (And trying to get further on some projects that still aren't finished!)

Here's a card I made for David- his last day is today, but my last day working with him was Wednesday. It's kind of a neat card-- I have problems trying to make masculine things!! I went with cream and black for this and then added hardware stamp cutouts to give it a more rustic feel.
Inside, the card was bright blue!! With a crying Hello Kitty! Nothing like a personal touch, right :) Here is the card I made for the Fall card swap in my ArtHaven group. I don't know why I signed up for this swap!!! I don't really like fall colors, and didn't have any! Lol :) I had to run out and get black cardstock, even. I kind of lifted this design from a card I saw at Buffalo Stamps. That one was just black with the gold embossed tree, but I, of course, had to add more things to mine!! The tree stamp I got at Michaels for a dollar. When I went to use it, I found out just why it was a dollar- it was mounted crooked!! Lol- so it took a while to get it straight!
This is my Joker card I made for the Deck of Cards swap for the ArtHaven group. I think the little bunny look soo cute!! The only thing is that the right side looks a little plain... Hmm... I might have to add something over there... This was the first time I got to use a paint sample in something, and I used the grass sticker Deloris gave me in her package of goodies she brought for me when we met last week! Thank you Deloris!!
And finally, my favorite, is my Lady ATC for the ArtHaven swap. Um, I love this so much that I don't even want to give it away!! LOL How terrible is that?!?! I will have to make a double so I can keep one. It is funny, too, because the lady is holding a flower in the original graphic, but I cut it out because it looked too much like the other ATC I had done. Well, I didn't even notice when I went to put her on the paper, but the vine from the flowers on the paper ended up right in her hand!! Lol :) I sparkled up her dress and gave her some perfect pearl eyeshadow. Vintage lace and millinery flowers that matched the colors of the flowers on the paper completed the look.

Ok... now I must go get ready to go to Matt's parents' house for a yummy pork dinner! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Today I bring you wonderful news of a fabulous giftaway!! Jan, of the Polka Dot Barn, has once again graced us with a chance to win TREASURES, this time for her Happy Birthday *AND* to celebrate 100 followers!! Not just any treasures, but these beautiful vintage items!!

Just look at this gorgeous brooch! 100% vintage, and not a stone missing! Look at all the colors the crystals are reflecting! This is sure to bring dancing rainbows of color to any special project! And if that weren't enough....

This darling vintage handbag will knock your socks off!! Black velvet with tiny seed beaded designs, complete with a satin lining. Just beautiful!
With over 100 followers now, you should give that index finger a workout and hurry on over to the Polka Dot Barn for your chance to enter! And remember to leave Jan lots of Love :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lazy Summer Days...

The time is just flying by... I feel like I haven't done much lately, although I have a few projects going at once... I've actually been busy making cards. I've made 3 cards over the last week or so, but I forgot to take pictures of 2 of them. Oops!! Fortunately, I was able to get this picture of David and the card I made for him for getting his PhD.

Something you don't see too often... David actually smiling in lab! Lol :) He's been working his butt off for the last few years, so it's really great to have this picture. It's been a hard, long road. I guess most research is!

My boss called me up about 2 hours before the event and wanted me to pick up a card. I made one instead, but only had an hour to do it!! And you know me... it takes hours of thinking for me to even begin to create something... lol :) This card was pretty simple- except for I am really particular about using the embossing as a background. I have to have exactly the same number of dots (I used the swiss dot folder) on each side of the text!! I think I almost annoy myself sometimes! And I was super lucky that I picked up that ribbon along the edge at Michael's earlier that morning because that's the only navy ribbon I had!

Last night I finish this fouffy shelf.

As you can tell, I love mirabou! And pearls. And rhinestones. And shimmer.

Here it is holding some of my supply jars and vintage lace.

Pretty flowers!
It almost looks Christmas-y, don't you think? I want to make one in pink, but there is no pearl pink paint. Well, I haven't seen any at the stores... I might just have to make my own. I love the pearl paints- they really cute-n things up. Hehe, yes, I am making up my own words today. This is what happens when you don't blog for a while! lol! Have a wonderful day :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gush Gush Gush!!!!!!

I was going through my Google Reader the other day, when I came across this picture.

I stopped scrolling and hurriedly clicked on the title of the post- called "A New Fabric Heirloom Book! " And saw THE most GORGEOUS fabric book I have ever seen!!!!!! I love this book so much that I am dedicating this ENTIRE post to it!!! Here are some pictures of what I saw, with Cheryl's permission, of course. For more pictures, please visit her at Confections.

A beautiful blue lace up corset that opens to reveal pretty paper to record private thoughts...

A beautifully embroidered undergarment clad Marie among her favorite sweets!

A gorgeous gorgeous gorgeously embroidered Marie in all her Pink glory!

Marie's pink ball gown- lift it up to reveal another place to write down secret messages...

Vintagey tags and german glittered crown!

The CUTEST hand sewn Marie pockets!

Yet Another hand embroidered Marie!

A beautiful blue ball gown!

Vintage lace, feather, and blue flowers....

The cutest little couple pictures!

Beautiful torn ephemera...

Isn't it just DIVINE?!?! Cathy Scalise of and is the Luckiest woman alive! Lol- she is the proud new owner of this TDF book! (And she makes some of the most beautiful heirloom gifts I've also, ever seen!)
Please, visit Cheryl at Confections and take a look! Maybe you, too, will want one of her gorgeous books! If you get one... get me one too!!! lol :) Until then, I know what I'm saving all my extra moneys for!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hello! Here is my latest card- it's a birthday card for one of my best friend's mom. Using my new Cuttlebug, of course! :) And a super cute House Mouse stamp!

Last week, I was also fortunate enough to go to some antique stores in Tonawanda! Just look at all the vintage lovelies I found!!

A gorgeously aged cyclopedia! Not only does it have a beautiful cover, but inside are great drawings and information on social etiquitte from times past.

My first vintage apron!! This apron is so pretty with its sheer sea green color and lace accents! It even has a tiny pocked edged with lace. And only $3.50!

I found an organizer for $4.00- so I finally have somewhere to put all my Copics! These small vintage frames were such a steal at only $1.50 a piece!! And at the bottom is something that looks like part of a printing press- but I don't know what it's called. I liked it because the little man on it reminds me of the Monopoly man! And I bought it for a whopping 75 cents!

3 gorgeous millinery flowers and Tons of lace!! There are 30 yards of vintage lace edging on the card alone!! And it was only $2.50!!! And THEN, I found this FREEZER BAG full of lace fabric- for only 3.50!!!!

Last, but not least, I found one of those glass Christmas pickles!!! I think it is a German tradition- but not quite sure... The tag says the pickle is hidden on the Christmas tree and the one who finds it gets a special Christmas surprise! :) Hmm.... Almost sounds like a good blog hunt for Christmas! :)
Ok... just had to share! I must now go get settled from returning from our weekend at Matt's family's cabin. As always, thanks for visiting!!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Journals for Cancer Patients

One of my friends on the ArtHavenCreations yahoo group is looking for journal donations for patients fighting cancer. Any kind of journal, decorated in any way you might choose, would be perfect! These journals will be given to patients so that they may have a special place to write their feelings, draw, doodle, or put special items in them as they fight their battle with cancer. If you would like more information on this project, please don't hesitate to contact Shirley Nagel at She will be able to provide you with more details and her mailing address so you can send her your artwork.

Thanks for visiting! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Thank-you-card, originally uploaded by cuddle_buddie.

Here's my thank you card for my grandpa :) I used the music notes because he really loves to sing. I think he was in the church choir for, almost, ever!! I don't get to see him much- he lives in CT and is 91 years old- but I love and miss him so I wanted to make this card special for him.

And yes.... this has been the only thing I've made lately. I was away for the weekend down at Matt's family's cabin and then yesterday at work, I got bit by a rat! Actually, it didn't hurt that bad, but I must have gotten more allergic because my hand looked really gross covered with these huge hives. I put some Benadryl spray on it and the hives went away, but last night, I couldn't sleep because my hand hurt because it was swelling up. This morning, my hand was almost twice the size as usual, so I took some Benadryl at work thinking it was allergy related. Of course, then I wanted to pass right out! My boss sent me to the doctor after filling out an incident report... I think she was upset I hadn't told her yesterday, but I have been bitten before, and the bite that happened yesterday and a mere scratch! But I've never had this swelling thing happen- especially so far afterward. Anyway, I went to the doctor who gave me a script for Amoxicillin after telling me I had a low grade fever. My boss wants me to go see the allergist tomorrow, since I wasn't able to get in today... All I want is for this itching feeling to go away and my hand to return to a normal size!!

But anyway, that's why I haven't done too much the last few days. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some more done... :) Nitey nite.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Here's a pic of my sleeping bunny necklace from Nikoart!! I *love* this necklace!!! I almost left it at the cabin this weekend on accident! Thank goodness Mr. Pie (Matt) saw it before we left... I would have been one sad girl!

Along with the necklace, I got all these great stamps from Nicole, too! Aren't they the cutest?!?!

And she even threw these things in as extras!! If you like her style, please go visit her Etsy shop- Nikoart!

While I was away, I also received this award from Rita!! Rita is my lovely friend from Texas, and lately she has been working on some journals to donate to cancer patients (post to come about that!). Her journals are absolutely gorgeous!!! I might just have to see if she'll make me one!! Please visit her blog to see these and all her other elegant artwork!

I know I am supposed to pass this on to 5 other people, however, I see this award has already gotten around to lots of the blogs I read!! So, I'm offering this award to you if you're a follower of my blog and you've not gotten this award passed on to you yet! Feel free to copy the image and put it on your blog- don't forget to nominate 5 other blogs, too! :)