Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Thank-you-card, originally uploaded by cuddle_buddie.

Here's my thank you card for my grandpa :) I used the music notes because he really loves to sing. I think he was in the church choir for, almost, ever!! I don't get to see him much- he lives in CT and is 91 years old- but I love and miss him so I wanted to make this card special for him.

And yes.... this has been the only thing I've made lately. I was away for the weekend down at Matt's family's cabin and then yesterday at work, I got bit by a rat! Actually, it didn't hurt that bad, but I must have gotten more allergic because my hand looked really gross covered with these huge hives. I put some Benadryl spray on it and the hives went away, but last night, I couldn't sleep because my hand hurt because it was swelling up. This morning, my hand was almost twice the size as usual, so I took some Benadryl at work thinking it was allergy related. Of course, then I wanted to pass right out! My boss sent me to the doctor after filling out an incident report... I think she was upset I hadn't told her yesterday, but I have been bitten before, and the bite that happened yesterday and a mere scratch! But I've never had this swelling thing happen- especially so far afterward. Anyway, I went to the doctor who gave me a script for Amoxicillin after telling me I had a low grade fever. My boss wants me to go see the allergist tomorrow, since I wasn't able to get in today... All I want is for this itching feeling to go away and my hand to return to a normal size!!

But anyway, that's why I haven't done too much the last few days. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some more done... :) Nitey nite.


Anonymous said...

OMG where do you work? A rat...oh noooo...I thought you were joking at first. Julie..you be careful..I do not want any rats eating at my special friend. I am worried now..let me know what the Dr says. And be sure you take all of those antibiotics.!!! Update me daily please!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say your thank you card is so pretty...I am sure your Grandpa will love it....

celestemlombas said...

Wonderful card. It is beautiful

Diann said...

I love your special card for your Grandpa...just perfect for him from the way you described him. I'm, very concerned over you getting bit by a rat...they carry disease of all kinds. Please keep it checked by a DR....your place of work will have to foot the bill.
Take good care of yourself, Julie...this frightens me. Diann

http://Cardunow.blogspot.com said...

Julie...I love love love your blog
just perfect....and your little necklace is too cute...your journal is one I am sure she will love.....Have a wonderful Day..
Hugs Deloris