Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yeay! I've posted my first wood item on Etsy! I think I started thinking about how this would look a few weeks ago! It's cool to see it really materialize...

Pink Hello Kitty Jewelry Trinket Treasure Box with Mirror

I love the mirabou :)

I got these papers from a Hello Kitty origami pad I had from way back when, aren't they so cute?

Last night I was trying to make another one of those wooden signs. It looked really cool. Before I decided to coat the whole thing in varnish!! Well, the varnish wasn't the problem... It was how much I put on!! I basically slathered the whole thing up and left it on my craft sheet- but it pooled onto the back of what was to be a two sided sign... So that wasn't good!! I ended up throwing it out... Yes, another thing I had to throw away!! I have another piece of wood though, so hopefully I can just make it again today. I am also really close to finishing two other pieces, so that's great! It is kind of fun working on more than one thing at once. But I wonder if I worked on the same kind of piece and just did a bunch of them if it would go faster. Hmm... I will have to think about that. The auction for the charity event is tomorrow, so I'm trying to get stuff listed in my store so that it's kind of ready if people meander there on Saturday... That and tomorrow night I start working until like 11pm at work. Ugh!!! 2-11.... I will have to do all my crafing tomorrow morning! I was trying to find something to be able to take all of my stuff with me, but so far, I've only acquired a cropper hopper for all my papers, ok, not all of them, but most of them!! Oh, and those tackle boxes for my embellishments. Matt says he has a bag I could use... Maybe I will see tonight if everything will fit in there. haha- Crafting at my desk at work :)

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