Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My First

Last night I actually put my first item in my store :) Actually, it wasn't what I thought it would be either!! I listed 4 of these Hello Kitty tags.

Luxury Distressed Hello Kitty Tags- Pearlescent Green, Cream

These came out really cute and were pretty easy to do. I love the gold ribbon on the top. I think it pulled everything together. Let us hope there are more Hello Kitty fans out there!!

This weekend, I went to the Allentown Arts Fest. I guess it was an arts AND crafts show, but I really didn't see too many crafts. This one lady was selling these painted wood pieces- they were all shiny and black with hand painted teeny tiny flowers and things on them. I couldn't believe they were made of wood! They looked like they'd be heavier somehow. Other than that, there were lots of paintings and jewelry... Basically, things that were waaaay too expensive for my budget!

I gave Rachelle her jewelry box and my mom her card, and I ended up giving her the Home sign, too. My mom was surprised I was into crafting. Rachelle said the jewelry box smelled like Matt's cabin! I thought that was funny :)

I didn't end up putting my clothespin and jewlery box in the store because they weren't perfect. Actually, I ended up disassembling the jewelry box so I could take the flowers back. I think I'll hang on to the clothespin though. I'm working on a recipe box to go with the clothespin, so if that comes out well, I'll probably just make another pin to go with the box! I also have a couple other projects going, too but I'm finding I have to buy more stuff to accomodate each one! Like, I'm making a treasure chest for my friend, Mauricio, and I had to buy this one compass stamp. But then I decided I wanted to emboss it, so I have to go get embossing powder. And I had to get red felt to line the inside of the box. Even though I see all these things that are on sale and I think I'll need them so I end up getting them, I always need something else!! Thank God all the stores have 50% off coupons this week!! I think the people working at Michaels see me everyday! Matt and I end up going to Valu almost every day, too!

One problem I'm having is getting ribbon to stick to the wood. I was using Mod Podge to glue it on there, but if you put the ribbon over it too early, it will soak thru the ribbon. But if you put it on too late, it won't hold. I have this spray adhesive, for my cricut mat of course, which Matt said to use on the felt lining to stick it in the box- because the super glue I used leaked right thru the first pieces of felt I put in there- so I was thinking of using that for the ribbon, but the ribbon's so thin as well as the wood pieces. So I'm not sure if that's the best idea since the spray from the can is pretty wide. Everything will be sticky! So any suggestions would be helpful. :) Thanks!

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