Saturday, June 6, 2009


Sorry no post yesterday! I was busy setting up a domain name ( and an etsy
shop... AND finishing up the birdhouse for the charity event today. Got through a lot last night, but had to get up this morning at 7:30 to work on finishing it up! I got almost to the end and Ran out of paper flowers!!! Ahhhhh! Well, not all the flowers, but the purple ones. So I had to run out and get some more.

Well, I thought I had bought them at Michael's. But apparently not. So I racked my brain until I just figured I would go to AC Moore and stop at JoAnn's if they weren't there. As soon as I walked into ACM, I just knew I had bought them from there the first time. But they were all sold out! I ended up getting a $7 bottle of paper flowers with purple ones, even though they weren't the same shape or color.

Stupid me- I ran out after I had started gluing them to the fence part.... But anyway, I got the whole thing finished and Matt put it back together for me before I had to leave, so I was glad. The only thing I didn't have time for was putting criss crossed ribbons up the post and over the sign, but I guess it's ok...

Arggg... this picture posting on here is messing me up.... I really need to learn how to use this thing because I think all my pictures look out of place!!
Anyway, the event was nice- it was a great day out; sunny and warm. I had my first Sangria, well first and Second! Lol. I ate some amazing potato pancakes with some kind of sauce and a slice of roast beef curled up around a sprig of green onion- delicioso! Dr. T. was in a good mood and it was good to talk with Ewelina and her for a bit. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! :)

However, I didn't have time to figure out a logo or font for my store... So I just hand wrote it on a tag I had cut out- I know, cheesy.... Well, I guess we all must start somewhere. The women there all loved the bird house, so that felt good. They couldn't believe I made it! I guess I just don't look like the crafty type! Lol. That's ok. I'll go incognito... It will be interesting to know how much it goes for at the auction. I think I probably would have posted it for $50-75... it was over $32 just for the unfinished wood!! Matt says I shouldn't buy my wooden stuff anymore. He said it probably would have cost $5 to make it ... But I don't cut wood! I donno... I guess $32 is pretty expensive to spend on something that's not even finished! :)

Then I came home and had said I was going to clean up all my crap. It was allllllllllllll over the floor! It was so bad that you could bearly walk in the kitchen without stepping on something!! So I tried to clean up some stuff, but realized I had nowhere to put it. Up until now, I've literally just been using the plastic bags they give you at the store to take all your stuff home in. So we went to Dicks to get a tackle box... Well, those were way expensive, and I just needed a plastic box with dividers, or so I thought, so we found a pack of 3 for $13. I came back and put all my stuff in em... And look!

Waaaaay better! But I still have all these ribbon rolls.....

So we went to Valu and Matt bought all the stuff to make me a ribbon rack!!! Then I can decorate that for myself! Maybe he'll even have enough left over to make me one to put in my shop :) Awww...

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Anonymous said...

I just love reading your are so geniune...the birdhouse is adorable..and I am sure everyone loved it.