Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How did you get that name....?

So how did I come up with this name... Well, let's see. I currently live in a duplex with my boyfriend, Matt; chinchilla, Binki; and miniature dachshund, Bella. It's a two bedroom, so you'd think I would use the extra bedroom and turn it into my crafting room, but there's no central air and we only have two window air conditioners, so that won't work for the summertime! Matt has recently started wood carving, and decided to use the living room floor for his projects. There were wood chips and pieces all over the floor until just recently! Bella really enjoyed picking each piece up and moving it to the couch where she chewed on it for a few minutes, or until she got bored, and went to get another! Lol! So... once I got the idea to make a recipe box for his cousin's bridal shower I had to set up in the kitchen... But mail and magazines and dishes on the table left me with no room up there, so alas, I was left with the kitchen floor. Thus, the name of my blog!! :)
Since I'm just a baby in the world of craft, I'm not too bothered with this set up. Yet. I usually spread papers or magazines out on the floor to lay my items on to dry, however, I am noticing that Mod Podge leaves the surface a bit tacky, so I'm having the problem of picking up pieces of the papers, even on completely dry parts. I will have to google how to get rid of this problem.
Last night I was up until 2am... Mostly because I didn't get to start working on things until 10pm and Matt wanted to stay up to watch that guy... I can't think of his name now... on Man vs. Wild. Hmm... he's the guy from- oh ya. Will Farrel. So I was able to finish (98% at least) a couple projects. I will post pictures later on. But the thing that is going to be a race to get done is the birdhouse project I'm working on for a charity gift. My boss/advisor invited me to her sister's "party" of sorts. We're supposed to bring an item to donate to a fundraiser for prenatal health. The theme was Garden, and when I saw this piece in the store I just thought it would be perfect! Last night I was able to start painting and this morning I taped off some stuff so I could get started later on today. I find that I can't wait to get home and start making stuff!
Ok, well it's off to the grind for me. There is no running water here today, which sucks. Not only can I not go to the bathroom, but I can't even wash my hands! My allergies are going to go crazy, I'm sure. Hopefully my eyes won't puff up so I can't see to make anything tonight!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Julie....Loved reading about how you came up with your blog cute!!! Can't wait til I get to see the birdhouse creation...I bet it's beautiful!!!