Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beads, Beautiful Beads!


Sarah hosted a bead swap recently and I was lucky to participate!


When I received my package, I was giddy with excitement!  It’s been so long since I’ve participated in a swap!


Inside were 3 precious gifts from my talented partner, Rhea!


The first piece was a delicate embellished piece of china Rhea altered into a wall hanging.  I think I’ve found the perfect spot in my studio for it!


In this box, I found a stunning piece of jewelry with pink and blue rhinestones wrapped inside a vintage handkerchief!  Just gorgeous!


I saved the largest box for last… because it was my favorite, and I almost died when I took it out of the box!!  Such beautiful cream and blue!


In it, was another vintage handkerchief holding hand picked beads…


Such beautiful beads!!  Glass, mother of pearl, swarovski, czech glass, chandelier crystals…  All in an array of pinks, light blue, and a creamy white!

I must say, I was nervous making a package for Rhea!  I wanted to find the perfect beads and focal point for her!

Our colors were very similar, though, and I re-learned what was aqua and what was light blue!  Lol Smile

So I chose these pink, aqua, white and cream beads for her…


And placed them inside a rose trinket box I embellished with pink swarovski crystals…



And then I stamped a kraft box with French text and graced it with pink and aqua handmade roses, vintage lace, and bling to send off the beads and some surprises!  (You can check out her blog to find out what those were and also see her amazing cakes and other goodies while you’re there!


Rhea spoiled me silly!!  I totally adored her altered boxes and hand-picked beads- Thank you SO MUCH, Rhea!  And thank you, Sarah, for pairing the two of us- it was so much fun picking out beads!  I can’t wait for the next swap!


Sassy Marsha said...

WOW, you two gals really spoiled one another!! Absolutely beautiful what you received and sent!!


Erica said...

You sent and received such lovely gifts, boxes, and beads! What a fun swap.

Cassandra said...

Oh Julie this looks like it was an amazing swap! Sending hugs! Thinking of you! xox

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I have to say that these are very beautiful and lovely beads. You can create so many things with such beads. You are lucky that you received this gift. I like boxes and beads both. The exchange of gifts between the two girls is wonderful.

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