Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Months In

Sorry- it’s been a long time between updates!  I haven’t even been able to keep up with my blogger friends lately, so today, I’m dedicating to reconnecting!

It’s been a journey so far for us…  Every now and then, I have pangs of wanting to create, but they’re quickly overcome by other necessities I need to take care of in life.  So, my craft room remains packed up for the time being.  We’re still not sure if we’re going to stay in this house once our sublease is up in May, so that’s another thing that adds to our house being unsettled.

But we’ve done a lot of flea market and antique shopping on our weekends! 


We’ve visited some stores in Kalamazoo and gone to the flea markets that they’ve had at the Expo center.  We even journeyed to Schoolcraft for their flea market and stopped at the little shops down there.  One owner gave us suggestions for other stores in Galesburg, so we headed out there and went to the 3 out there.


The next weekend, our first stop was a shop called Sweet Pickins. 

photo (3)

I fell in love with this dress!

photo (4)

photo (5)

I wanted to buy this baby scale, but it was unmarked!

photo (6)

photo (7)

photo (8)

photo (9)

photo (10)

We kept going West and headed out to South Haven and found Murphy’s Antique Mall.  There was a sweet little room near the back filled with shabby chic goodness like this:

photo (2)

We drove up Blue Star Hwy and visited a few more shops and malls.  On our way home, we even ventured into a giant barn that was turned into an antique store, but it was really creepy, so we cut our stay short!


Yesterday found us in Grand Rapids.  We visited quite a few stores, including the Blue Door which I had been really wanting to go see.  It was a shabby chic dream in there!  Lots of white chippy paint and crystals.  The owner must dabble in some artwork because there were little pieces here and there for sale, like this garland:



I ended up adding to my vintage hat collection and finally found a lower priced cast iron mirror ($10!!).

photo (16)


photo (15)

I found a baggie of these millinery flowers for $5!

photo (14)

This one was only $6.95 and it has velvet and chiffon flowers!

photo (13)


photo (12)


photo (11)

Ok, I might have indulged just a bit, but I didn’t pay more than $15 for any one hat and they were mostly around $7! Could you resist? Smile


TiffanyJane said...

Love the garland with the lights.....really cute! Love the hats you picked up, the colors are great..........I have quite a collection of old hats myself!
the mirror is really pretty too and a great price!
Have a great day!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Great buys, Julie!! Exploring is fun! Now why didn't you ask them how much for the baby scale?!?!

We took a drive today too!


myob courses said...

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