Saturday, December 31, 2011

This Year I…

Had a traumatic experience- but learned who was really in my corner.

Graduated with my Masters degree- Finally.

Attended Cassandra’s Marie’s Danse des Fleurs- and met some new wonderful friends and reconnected with some beautiful souls.


Went to court- and started on Ativan.

Finished our Unnamed Poker League- definitely not in first place!


Lost a job- but not the true friends I had met there.


Planned a wedding- and found it stressful for reasons I’d never imagined.


Blew a super important interview- I was just so nervous.

Learned how to make fried rice.


Celebrated my Dirty 30 birthday- the same night as my bachelorette party.


Got laid off from the job I had had for 5 years- I never thought I’d be unemployed after finishing graduate school, but enjoyed the break.


Got married to Mr. Right- and then mini-mooned in Las Vegas.



Danced with my Grandpa again, but for the first time in I don’t know how many years.


Lost Matt’s aunt- and regretted not being a better friend to her.



Started selling my crafts in a local store- keeping busy while out of work.

Did my first and second craft show- even though it was a bust.


Went to my first poker game without Matt- and still had a blast.

Grew so much closer to some people- even some who I never thought there would ever be closeness with.

Got flown out by a potential employer to interview- and learned how to be confident.

Got a new job in research- from academia to industry, but a lateral move…

Moved out of my home state- I always wanted to prove myself, but I miss home.


Let a relationship go- I am still sad and think about it often, but my time with her was at an end.

Celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple away from all our friends and family- it was good, but sad, too.

And tonight we will celebrate the new year together, with Bella, at home.

Good and bad, it has been an event packed year for sure!

What will the new year bring?