Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today, I wanted to share with you three fabulous giveaways!

First, Shelly is giving away a customized handmade lace trim necklace!

You won’t win the necklace shown here- instead, Shelly will create one in the colors of your choice!

But hurry!  This giveaway ends November 15th!  Click Here to go visit Shelly at Bungalow Bling!

The second giveaway is for a veritable treasure of French farmhouse goods!

Becky is giving you the chance to enter to win not one, but 7 different pieces!  But hurry, her giveaway ends November 15th, too!  Click Here to visit Junk to Joy!


And last, but certainly not least, Rebecca is giving you a chance to win a vintage train case, ready for you to alter!

To enter, and for more ideas on how you could create one of these beauties, click Here to visit A Gathering Place!


And speaking of giveaways, don’t forget to enter my mini giveaway, one post below!!  I see I almost have 100 followers, too!!  Once I reach that magical number, I’ll definitely have a super spectacular giveaway to celebrate! Smile


mollyknox said...

Hi Julie Ann! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. It is so funny because I too have 99 followers and can't wait to reach 100! I am going to join your blog and be your 100th! Your blog is beautiful can't wait to follow! xoxo, molly

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