Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swaps and Candies!

Ok- you're probably aghast and sick of me talking about how many swaps I'm in, but I seriously could not resist these two!!

Jenny's sweet little May Day Petite Basket Swap

Heather's Petite Inspiration Box Swap- Nesting Edition!

If you would like to join in these two swaps, please just click on the images and you'll be taken to all the information you need to sign up!

Ok.... so that means I am doing... 6 different swaps. With... 27 different partners. WHAT??! Lol!!!! My gosh- I'd better get going! Good thing I've found some goodies lately!! Like, yesterday, I ordered lots of vintage trim from A Million Memories! Oh my gosh- I just cannot stay away from that store! Just look at this gorgeous trim!

Photo taken from A Million Memories

Photo taken from A Million Memories

Could you pass these up?? I think I just suffer from noselfcontrolitis. lol :)

Now on to some fabulous giveaways!

Created by Jennifer Hayslip
Picture from Lollishops Blog

Created by Sadie Lou Who
Picture from Lollishops Blog

Sadie Lou is having a giveaway for BOTH of these GORGEOUS pieces in honor of Jenn's Petticoats & Parasols event on the Lollishops Blog!! I love them both so much!!! I told Jenn I was going to stalk her vendor booth at P&P so I could get one if I don't win! lol :)

Lollishops Design Team is also having a bunch of giveaways! Please visit these links to each Design Team members' blogs where you can see pictures of their beautiful creations for this month and enter to win their prizes!

Itty Bitty Birdy
Holiday Frivolities
My So Called Junky Life
Gypsy Brocante
and Retro Art Cafe Gallery

Jill is giving away one of her Gorgeous Gypsy rosettes EACH SUNDAY until March 21st!!!

Deb is celebrating several awesome milestones in March by giving away 3 Gorgeous rosettes!

I'm sure there are some I've missed here, but these are the most recent ones I've come across :)
Thank you for stopping by to visit today and I hope you have a Splendidly Sweet day!


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh that trim looks very yummy! I love trims, too! ♥

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

WOW!!!!!! You are going to be sooo busy!! But in a good fun way! Imagine all the goodies you will get in return :) I love that trim, it is gorgeous!! Jenn is just fabulous, isnt she?? I adore her and all of her creations!

Bob Monk said...

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June said...

Hi Julie Ann, Thanks for your lovely comments. The fairies image is not one of my images just been trying to use up all my scraps and bits lately so its one i had on a note card. I do have fairy images myself though lol and love them
hugs June xxx

Elyse said...

whoa, julie! now this is news i can use! somehow i have missed much of this info so thanks very much for being THE SOURCE!

hope you are also busy creating on the kitchen floor!


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Julie Ann,
You better tell me what you are taking for all this energy of yours! I WANT SOME OF IT!
How do you do all what you do girl??? All these swaps? Keeping up with all of these lovely giveaways?
You are THE Modern SuperWoman!!!
I'm so busy with Savannah stuff that I can't even join Heather's petite box swap AGAIN! That's twice I miss it...there is too much going on!
But it's all good!!! of course!!!
So spill it...what's your secret?

Myko said...

I just love reading your blog Julie! Now here's my dumb do swaps work exactly? I've never participated in one yet...:)

Merci-Notes said...

Hello Julie Ann,
What a fabulous place you have! It is like getting together with a group of friends with a wonderful host! Thank you for all that you do and share!
Oh, And thank you for stopping by to visit me!

With Kindness,

Sandy Michelle said...

I thought I was a swap junkie! I can't wait to see what you make. Have fun! Thanks for sharing about the give-aways!

Sandy xox