Monday, February 15, 2010

Swap Treasures, Tea Party, and OWOH Winner!!

Hello! :)  Today I have some very special things to share with you…. as well as the winner of Wish, my OWOH giveaway prize!!

In the spirit of OWOH, brining people together, I wanted to tell you about how blogging has affected my life since I started about a year ago.  Not only is it a creative release, but I have also met some of the most wonderful people through bloglandia.  One of these people is Teresa.

I came across her blog one day, thinking that Maggie Grace was such a sweet sounding name and wanting to get to know the person behind the blog because she had attended an event I had read about that I knew I would have adored going to.  So I followed a link from that event page, thinking that I would meet someone like-minded, with the same creative interests as myself.  Little did I know that by leaving comments, I would open myself to a wonderful, blossoming friendship!

I learned her name was really Teresa, and you’ll just have to visit her blog to find out whom Maggie Grace refers to!  I should have known then that I was sent an angel, because I have only ever met one other Theresa in my life- and she was my babysitter for the first 13 years of my life.  Since then, we’ve shared some of our deepest, far reaching thoughts and feelings and our friendship has reached beyond the miles that are between us.

Before Christmas, we decided to swap goodies- (because I kept bugging her about this journal she had made for a show in fall that I had completely fallen in love with!! :)) 

journal(Taken from Teresa’s blog, Maggie Grace Creates)

One day not too long ago, I received a wonderful package from Teresa with so many delightful goodies inside!!

TeresamultiBeautiful scrapbook papers, tons of different sized tags (maybe so I could create a tag collage as she had been working on this weekend!!), a gorgeous 3 strand bracelet with my favorite color- light blue, and a beautiful hand soldiered pendant with lace inside!!

Teresacardall 5 beautiful handmade cards with such sweet vintage images!

Teresajournal And a journal, just for me!!!, with that gorgeous angel paper!

Thank you so much, Teresa!!   :)

And I am so excited for this spring because I will actually be meeting Teresa in person when I travel to Georgia to attend the Petticoats and Parasols event!!  Teresa isn’t able to go to the event, but I am making a special trip upstate so we’ll be able to finally meet and hang out! :)  I can’t wait!!

One other instance of blogging effecting my Real Life stemmed from a recent swap I was in…  Last time, I posted about Speckled Egg’s Petite Inspiration Box Swap, and one of my swap partners was Vivian Neroni.  We came to find out that we lived only an hour away from each other!  And in her kindness, she invited me to Natalea Kandefer’s Valentine’s Day Tea Party.

Nataleasparty Hmm… doesn’t this tree look familiar?!?!  :)  But mine isn’t decorated with nearly as many gorgeous handmade ornaments!!  I’ll have to get on that… :)

Nataleasparty1 Pretty Valentine’s Day decorations!  See that little doll on the sofa…  there are some scary pictures of me giving her a little Valentine’s day love floating around out there… hehe :)

Nataleasparty2A pretty little Vday vignette!

Nataleasparty3Sweet petit fours made by the lovely Jenny of Lollipop Workshop!

Nataleasparty4One of Natalea’s Gorgeous chunky books 

Nataleasparty5A sweet corner of Scarlet’s perfectly pink bedroom!


What party’s complete with out a towering cupcake tower?!


Mmmmm… yummy Earl Grey Tea Cake!


Ornament/gift swap goodies!! (And once again, I forgot to take pictures of the ornament I made… oops!)

It was a wonderful time and Natalea is hostess extrordinaire!  And I got to meet Vivian, Jenny, Sandy, and Natalea, of course!

I will share pictures of the wonderful goodies I brought home from the party next time… because my camera ran out of batteries today!  :(

I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve made through blogging that mean so much to me and whose love far exceeds the bounds of space and bytes!!  OWOH was such a wonderful event- I met so many other bloggers whose work inspired me and overloaded my Google Reader with subscriptions!!  Beyond the giveaways, through the heartfelt comments I’ve received and been given, I was reminded that blogging is so much more than pretty pictures and words in cyberspace- it truly is a melting pot of ideas and a wonderful way to connect with others.  And I’m so thankful that I’ve been given the chance to meet such beautiful people through this medium!!

Now, for the giveaway…  :)

(Drumroll please….)

The Random Generator has chosen number 226!!!!

That’s Deborah!!  Congratulations Deborah!! :)

Thank you so much, everyone who left me a heartfelt comment during the giveaway!  I may not have been able to get back to you all, but I read every single one and I truly appreciate your time and effort in leaving me a special message :)


Deborah said...

Hi Julie Ann, I won! I won! Yippee!! (Jumping and down) Whee! My son is laughing at me :) I can't wait to hold your wonderful box in my grubby little hands. I am in awe of all the wonderful goodies you got in your swaps. I agree with you on OWOH. I did nothing but surf on Friday and Saturday plus several days before and still did not get to everyone but I met some very talented people and signed up to follow a lot of people. It was wonderful. I will be snail mailing you :)

Diana Meade said...

Hi Julie Ann,
Thank so much for these two stories about real life and blogging life mingling. My friends who don't blog don't get it how connected one can become to online blogger friends. Also, I like it that people are nice on these blogs. Meeting people through OWOH is a great ice breaker and I am so glad I participated (and you too.)

maggiegracecreates said...

You say such nice things about me. Glad you didn't tell them all I was missing my teeth and I cuss like a sailor.

Thank you for the sweet comments - I am so glad you like your goodies and I can't wait to see you.

I have a question - I know you are a research person - but what kind of research are you involved in? College Girl is looking into the chemistry research fields and I thought maybe she could email you.

sandy said...

Hi, Julie Ann

I'm still working at getting around to check out all the Amour boxes. I enjoyed your collection of treasures. I also liked your little Cherry Cherry Mouse so I'll be checking out Myko Bocek Studios! Sandy

twinkleshabbystar said...

Julie Ann,
Im so thrilled that you and Teresa are such wonderful blog buddies. SHe is such a sweetheart and I cant say enough kind things about her. Im excited you guys are going to meet soon! Looks like you had a wonderful time with Vivian, Sandy, and Natalea. Fun! Fun!
Big hugs!! Jenn

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

hey, girlfriend.
......i'm saving all of that personal stuff for when we get together!
i need to be better at emails, huh.
i don't mean to neglect you because i adore you!! i'll try and be better:)

you know i love you,

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh you are so lucky to be going to Jens art retreat! I met her at Silver Bella and she is an absolute genuine and sweet!
And Lucky you! Getting to go to Natalea's for her Valentine fun!
Meeting people with common interests through blogging has changed so many lives hasn't it?
Have a wonderful week!

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