Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowy Days…

Hello!!!  I feel like I haven’t really posted on here in quite a while!  I have so many new things to share… I just have to find time to take all the pictures I want and upload them!  Today, I have two finished projects to show you :)



The first is a blue and gold trinket box I made for my friend, Teresa, of Maggie Grace Creates!  This paper is so gorgeous… shiny metallic gold with pretty blue flocked birds and flowers!  Of course, I embellished with posies, and also my favorite- lily of the valleys!  And here is a view from the side:


Wouldn’t be complete without blingy rhinestones!  Velvet blue trim and ruffled vintage lace complete the piece.  Inside, which I forgot to take pictures of, is painted metallic gold and has blue felt lining the bottom.  I filled this little box with some of my favorite treasures I’m guilty of hoarding like crazy!!  :)

The next project is for a swap for the Yahoo group I’m in, ArtHaven.  This is my Valentine Hangie Danglie :)


Isn’t the view from my porch gorgeous- NOT!  Lol :)  Oh well- it’s where I get the best light for pictures…  For this piece, I used all my papers with roses or rose petals on them.  Darn, I should have gotten some of those silk rose petals and made a background with them!!  Ahh!  Why do I always think of way cooler things to do *after* the whole piece is done!  I’m not sure if you can see the “danglie” part in this photo, but be sure-  it’s there! :)

Now I have to go and get started on some of the other swaps I’m in or going to be in as soon as I finish them :)  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!!


Dorothy said...

This is so pretty! Very cute!

Wanda said...

I love your Hanglie Danglie Julie and your trinket box is Gorgeous!!

Diann said...

Your hangie danglie is lovely and will be a favorite for sure! Love the little box too, Julie! You do so well with small things and they bother me! Diann

Anonymous said...

These are both so beautiful Thanks for sharing.

Six divided by two..... said...

They are both beautiful. You are very talented.

Carol's Crafts said...

Julie, your trinket box is adorable. Your friend is going to be thrilled to receive that. I love your Valentine hangie dangle too. You did
a great job.

Anonymous said...

Oh Julie!!!!!! The Box is GORGEOUS and the Hangie Danglie is AMAZING girl!!!! Fantastic job!!!!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh! I need to make me a hangie danglie!!! ☺ You're too cute, Julie! Both your box and your heart are very sweet!

Yeah, I have to guard myself when I craft so I don't feel envious of others' supplies or discontent with my own. Crafting is like therapy for me and I don't want it to make me feel like I'm lacking- ya know?

Thanks for sharing! ♥

Angie Hall Haviland said...

BEAUTIFUL, Julie!! The box is sooo pretty and LOVE your Hanglie Danglie!! and I think the view from you window is WONDERFUL!! It's 19 degrees here in Texas and I'm looking at dead grass. :(

Suze said...

I love your box. I'm a hoarder too...I have many vintage wood purses from the 50's that I stash them in. Every once in awhile I'll peek inside and it's like "ohh, I forgot I had that". I have a hard time parting with them. Your heart is precious. I'm in my first swap in over a year...have to get crafting here.
Warm Hugs

btw: my back porch has the same frosty look.

maggiegracecreates said...

I love the hangie but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my box. And all the goodies inside the box and package. I have hoareding issues myself, but I am going to cut that paper for myself.

Thank you thank you thank you

Elyse said...

hi julie ann,

your creations are so pretty. i am loving the addition of the rhinestones!!!

elyse said...

That flocked bird paper is wonderful!